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How it works

Jolt auctions use a countdown clock to determine who wins. When a new auction starts, the countdown clock begins. When someone bids (we call it "jolting" the clock"), 1 TCredit is deducted from the bidder's account, the prize price increases by 1 cent, and the clock resets. Once the clock runs out of time and hits zero, the last person to have jolted the clock wins the auction for the price shown, and the prize is instantly awarded to the winning bidder! Learn more.

What's Zaxxium?

Zaxxium™ is an exclusive, new, fully internet-native medium that empowers you to GET WHAT YOU WANT. When you win Zaxxium™ at a Jolt auction, you can choose to take it as a digital debit card that you can spend on essentially anything you want—at nearly anywhere in the world that accepts credit cards! OR...take it as a gift certificate. OR...receive your Zaxxium™ in Bitcoin! And we've got even more options planned! Get what you want...with Zaxxium™! Some restrictions may apply.

What's Savvy Seconds?

Multipliers are in effect! You are currently receiving 1x the normal amount of Savvy Seconds.

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